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Install C  

Fast and Simple One-Click Installer
for the entire C development toolchain.

What's in Install C?

One-Click Installer

Simple and easy to use, yet powerful and feature-rich.

One-Click Installer

Latest Version of GCC

The only installer to include the latest version of GCC (13.2.0) 2023 on Windows.

Latest Version of GCC

Compatibility with VS Code

Simply open a new .c file in VS Code and hit Run.

Compatibility with VS Code

Run Everywhere

Automatic addition to Path, no messing with Environment Variables required.

Compatibility with Code Runner

To skip the lag-inducing process and execute your code faster, use the CodeRunner extension!

Powerful enough for Veterans. Simple enough for Beginners.

Install C provides the very latest version of GCC for Power-Users who want the latest features, and it is still easy enough to use for those writing their first line of C.

Multi-Language Made Easy

Not just C, even works for C++. Though the priority of this project is C Language Programming.

And Much More...

GCC, GDB, LLVM/Clang/LLD/LLDB, GNU Binutils, GNU Make, PExports, dos2unix, Yasm, NASM, JWasm, ccache, CMake, ninja, and Doxygen are included in Install C.